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Amazon Could Possibly Reveal Updates To The Echo and Launch Ear Buds.

Alexa could be ringing in your ears very soon. Amazon has announced an event due on Wednesday, which will happen in Seattle. The company possibly could announce the launch of its upcoming devices. At Amazon’s event last year, close to 70 products were announced.

Reports from CNBC suggest that Amazon is creating wireless earphones that could work with Alexa’s voice assistance. These earbuds will include Echo’s updated version for better sound quality.

Amazon’s major product this year seems to be the wireless earbuds. Also, the company is venturing into health and fitness devices for the first time. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Amazon has been launching products in all categories and majorly producing gadgets which include home automation devices. Apart from that, Apple, Samsung, and other tech giants have ventured into personal fitness and health devices for quite some time. Amazon is taking a major step by launching wireless earbuds that could track your fitness regime.

A few whispers suggest that the Alexa-powered device will be able to monitor and measure your motions, with the help of an accelerometer. It will also include features such as counting the calories burned, tracking the distance covered, and measuring pace- which are prerequisites for all fitness devices.

Apart from how it functions as a fitness device, Amazon has introduced a way for Alexa to be connected to a portable device, for people constantly on-the-go. According to reports, this device could be priced much lesser than Apple’s earpods which will help Amazon during sales, as people will go for the earbuds that are Alexa-powered.

Amazon has also been working to bring Alexa into automobiles. There were experiments carried out to bring the already successful home automation system. An analyst at Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter said,” Amazon wants to be everywhere the consumer is.” The event will take place on Wednesday in Seattle.

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