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Technology and How it Empowers Disabled People

Technology has become such an integral part of human lives’ since the last few years. While it is a privilege for most to be able to use all technology for regular people, people with disabilities find it difficult in performing daily acts and hence use technology less.

But with all the advancement in the world, the Tech industry has come up with several products that help people who are struggling with sight, hearing or speech disorders. Creative AI has been used in the making of these products. Along with that, people struggling with mobility have also been blessed by the Tech world.

Helmet for the Visually Impaired

Chinese organisation CloudMinds designed a product that is called Meta. It looks like a cycling helmet that uses various sensors and cameras to navigate and locate the wearer. It has inbuilt cloud storage and a server that is processed by Artificial Intelligence Technology. This device works on speech and communicates via its mapping tools to help blind people navigate the streets and make it on their own.

Voice for the Speech Impaired

The United States of America has been working on making tech products for the disabled for a while. The scientists in the USA are now working on prototypes of gloves that can sense or interpret sign language and can convert it to speech. This prototype, if worked, will be a game-changer for many speech impaired people who often face difficulty in communicating through sign language when the people are not familiar with it.

A Wheel Chair that Goes Up the Stairs

A wheelchair built with rubber tracks can climb stairs. This invention came about when a Swiss citizen got paralyzed after a motorcycle incident. He discovered Scewo, a start-up that has built a Wheel chair that can climb stairs and be controlled with a smartphone. This comes as a great way of using technology to help disabled people as the disabled are most often struggling on the streets.

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