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Safety Concerns for Electric Scooters: Sustainability with a Pinch of Unsafe?

Electric scooters are essential micro mobility vehicles that are light, transportable, affordable and more importantly, sustainable. Although, electric scooters are risky and the number of accidents and injuries related to the usage of electric scooters has been morbidly high.

This leaves the cities with a big question: how to make the electric scooter a safe, reliable mobility device since it already offers affordability and sustainability. The potential of electric scooters to challenge our biggest problem of climate change and global warming is impactful and must not be ignored. Safety still remains a concern on the e-scooter but is also a great mode of transport, especially if you are looking to live green and eco-friendly.

Cars have posed as a great threat for our environment and civilians since the early 1900s, and cars have faced a lot of criticism for high accident rates. It is reported that there are 40,000 deaths annually owing to car crashes and other issues in the U.S.

The government of Detroit installed new safety measures such as traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and traffic monitored by the police in order to beat the risk factor of automobiles.

There is a growing demand for micro mobility vehicles such as e-scooters and cities must look at it as a viable option against the flawed option that is cars. The rapid growth of the automobile industry came through at the expense of public well-being and it is time that city leaders must pay attention to new transportation technology and look beyond profits and intentional benefits.

The e-scooters are highly economical and provide ecological sustenance which is a great benefit to our environment. The city leaders must take into account the benefits of electronic motor vehicles and take measures to develop safety devices for this sustainable vehicle.

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Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg is the senior editor for Market Research Community. Walt has been working as a journalist for nearly over a decade having published pieces many publications including the Knoxville News Sentinel and the Huffing Post. Walt is based in Nashville and covers issues affecting his city and state. When he’s not busy in the newsroom, Walt enjoys fishing.

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