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Twitter Users in the US and Japan Can Now Hide Replies To Tweets.

Twitter is often under public scrutiny for putting up with toxic content or irrelevant tweets which are offensive or don’t obey specific community guidelines. To cultivate a civilized space for conversations, Twitter has rolled out a new feature that can hide the replies to your tweet.

This feature is currently available in the US and Japan, and the company could follow suit in other countries. The change was deemed controversial by a few critics, but the social networking application suggested that this move was made to ensure a non-toxic place for its users.

The ‘Hide Replies’ feature will not delete the reply but will require an additional click to function. This new change is meant to be an experiment to ensure the conversations happening in the place are positive and enriching.

This feature will only affect users who post offensive or inappropriate remarks on tweets or bully and abuse fellow Twitteratis on social pages. The account holder will now be able to hide the rude or offensive comments from users with the ‘Hide Replies’ feature. You would have to choose to view these replies with a button.

With Facebook or Instagram, the user has way more power over the comments on their posts. These social media sites allow you to delete any replies or comments that appear on your posts. These measures lead to a less disruptive environment in the online conversational communities.

On the other hand, Twitter is a more public platform which is open to all discussions and debates. Owing to this, Twitter has faced a lot of criticism and unhealthy bullying or abuse of the users. Earlier, you could only mute, block or report any offensive content or comment on Twitter. The new feature attempts to curb the negative tonality of conversations by hiding replies with your choice. The only negative aspect of this feature could bring is the suppression of opinions.

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