Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis, By Type (Paraffin Inhibitors, Asphaltene Inhibitors), By Application (Extraction, Pipeline and Refinery), By Region and Forecast Period-2022 – 2030. (Updated Version Available)

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Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market Overview

Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market size was estimated to be USD 1.59 Billion in 2021, accounting for a CAGR of 6.26% during the forecast period (2022-2030), and the market is expected to be worth USD 2.75 Billion by 2030.

Crude oil flow improvers are additives which are crucial for the transmission of extracted crude oil. These flow improvers help to maintain low viscosity and drag which results into enhanced and unhindered flow of crude oil especially threw pipelines in cold regions. Flow improvers are also effective in reducing the pour points and viscosities of waxy crude oils. Fossil fuels are primary source of energy in current times moreover crude oils are extracted at remote locations thus require continuous transportation over long distances generally thousands of miles hence to ensure cost effective and continuous supply flow improvers are very crucial.

For instance, according to our recent estimates it was found that most of the crude in North American region is transported by pipelines. Around 70% of the total oil was transported by these pipelines in USA. Pipelines are the cheapest mode of transportation for crude oils among all possible modes. Thus the crude oil flow improvers market will be hold crucial application in global energy supply.

Market Dynamics:


  • Surging investment by governments to develop pipelines in order to facilitate smooth supply of crude oils :-

Transportation of crude oil by pipeline is the most cheapest and efficient method. In order to fully utilize this benefit governments all over the world are investing heavily in pipelines infrastructure development. With the development of pipelines the demand for flow improvers is set to rise because it is the most cheap and efficient method to ensure uninterrupted supply.

  • Exploration activities in remote locations :-

The demand for energy is rising exponentially and green energy is several years behind in replacing fossil fuels as primary energy source. Thus continuous exploration activities are to be carried out in order to ensure continuous supply for fossil fuel. These exploration activates are generally carried out in remote locations where setting up refineries are not economically viable. Thus crude oil is needed to be transported and many time the transportation is most suitable by pipelines due to their cost effusiveness. These new sites and the engagement of flow improvers is estimated to drive the demand for few years to come.


One of the major restraint for this market is not any external challenge but its own property. To be specific when flow improvers are mixed with crude oil they disturbs the chemical properties of crude oil and makes it hard to decompose during the petroleum refining process. This physical restrain naturally limits the demand as if large quantity mixed it will alter the chemical attributes. Apart from this, the  gradual shifting to the green energy naturally pose a great threat to the crude oil market as it in exhaustible in nature and also has negative impact on atmosphere. Government subsidies for green energy adoption will have negative impact on the demand for fossil fuel ultimately resulting into diminished demand for flow improvers.

Covid-19 Impact:

The Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market had a significant impact due to COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and travel bans all over the world. The demand for crude oil was near to zero initially. For one instance the crude oil futures price went negative it was something which was never witnessed before. With no demand to cater major crude oil producing nations started to cut their production. For instance   OPEC nations cut their oil production by 2 million barrels in order to maintain the price of crude oils. Due to minimal supply the demand for flow improvers also went down. But now in 2023 the demand for crude oil is back at tracks with major oil producers again restarting the production actives the demand in set to rise.

 Crude Oil Flow Improvers Report Coverage:

Report Attributes Report Details
Study Timeline 2016-2030
Market Size in 2030 (USD Billion) 2.75Billion
CAGR (2022-2030) 6.26%
By Type Paraffin Inhibitors, Asphaltene Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Drag Reducing Agent and Hydrate Inhibitors
By Application Extraction, Pipeline and Refinery
By Geography North America, Europe,  Asia Pacific

Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Key Players Basf Se, Baker Hughes, Clariant, Dorf Ketal, Evonik Industries, Halliburton Company, Infineum, Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc., Nalco Champion, Schlumbergerd

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Market Segmentation:

By Type

The type segment is divided into paraffin inhibitors, asphaltene inhibitors, scale inhibitors, drag reducing agent and hydrate inhibitors. The paraffin inhibitors had the largest market share by the type. The main reason for the heavy use of paraffin inhibitors is due top there high concentration into crude oils. If we calculate the average of wax presence in crude oil at different location globally the average percentage by weight is estimated to be 32 % which is very high. This wax cause many mechanical difficulties. Such as it solidifies in low temperature resulting into blockage of the pipeline furthermore, it also creates interruptions during refining of crude oil. Thus paraffin wax inhibitors have largest share in the sales. Drag reducing agents also hold a significant market share in crude oil flow improvers market.

By Application

This application segment could be categorized into Extraction, Pipeline and Refinery. In this segment the largest market share was help by the extraction application. In the extraction process flow improvers are widely employed in order to reduce mechanical drag and asphaltene depositions.

Furthermore the pipeline applications is also estimated to observe significant growth in forecasted period. The reason of the growth in pipeline applications will be directly associated to the development of various new pipeline by governments. As they are cheaper alternatives.

By Region 

The regional segment includes Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa & Latin America. This regional segment is predominantly dominated by the Middle East region. The reason being presence of major oil producing nations in this region with fully developed infrastructure to capitalize on crude oil. Saudi Arabia is the second largest oil producing nation with major oil well concentrated in this region itself. Large refineries and extraction sites both are present here which makes this region the biggest consumer in both volumes and value terms.

On the other hand the North American region also hold significant market share and this is due to presence of large pipeline network in this region. The USA, Canada and Russia only these three countries have 76 % of the total worlds pipeline network.

Around 67% percent of crude oil in the US and around 87% percent of total crude oil in Canada was moved by pipeline. These factors make this region one of the major consumer for flow improvers.

Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market Competitive Landscape:

The Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market has been systematically analyzed in accordance to its competitive landscape, with main market players have been profiled in the report. These key players are propelling the market through their investments in R&D and product innovation. The report includes company overviews, financials, revenues, market potential, global presence, production sites and capacities, strengths and weaknesses, product launches, product diversity, application and others

Following are key market players:-


Baker Hughes


Dorf Ketal

Evonik Industries

Halliburton Company


Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc.

Nalco Champion


Lcy Chemical Corp.

Isu Chemical Co Ltd.

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Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis, By Type (Paraffin Inhibitors, Asphaltene Inhibitors), By Application (Extraction, Pipeline and Refinery), By Region and Forecast Period-2022 – 2030. (Updated Version Available)
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